Thursday, October 19, 2017

RiverRocks 2017: Family Fun Day at Greenway Farms

River Rocks is a multi-day event that brings world-class and amateur athletes to Chattanooga each October to compete, celebrate Chattanooga outdoors lifestyle and enjoy live music.

Since moving here, we always seem to talk about participating in some of the family friendly events, but October always seems to be a bit crazy for us. In the last four years the only events we have managed to attend are the Three Sisters Concert and a Lula Lake Open Gate Day

There are so many great activities to participate during the month (not just competitions), that I have a growing list of things I would love to be able to do some day... including the Family Fun Day, Fireside Concert Series, the Family Fall Camp Out, Ciclovia, Mountain to Town Bike Adventure, Sunset Night Hike, and the Urban Nature 10K.

This past Sunday we finally made it to a Family Fun Day, and we hope to make it to one of the Fireside Concerts before the end of the month. The Family Fun Day takes place at Greenway Farms with free activities like archery and nature hikes, and the option to rent a canoe for $25 (we skipped on this since we can paddle whenever we like).

We decided that Jack was old enough to try his hand at archery, and he really loved it. The guys overseeing the activity were really friendly and let us go as many times as we wanted. I don't know how busy during the entire event, but we were able to take several turns without having to wait.

Once we felt like Jack seemed to know what he was doing, Daniel and I also gave it a go. This was a fun activity because I don't think any of us had ever shot a bow and arrow before. I was surprised to discover that I have really consistent aim. I didn't get a bulls eye, but I hit three arrows almost on top each other, just slightly left and high of the bulls eye.

We had to drag Jack away from the archery to go for a hike. We really enjoy Greenway Farms and decided to go down to the quarry. We have viewed the quarry from above but had never gone all the way to the bottom. 

Jack really wanted to just stick with the archery, so we told him we would go back if he had a good attitude during our hike. He kind of dragged his feet at the beginning, but was pumped to actually go down and see the quarry from below. I don't know what it is about our kids and water, but it is a game changer... even if they aren't swimming.

We would definitely recommend the Family Fun Day at Greenway Farms, and we plan to be back next year. We may also find some more opportunities to do some archery in the future.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Among Trees

Last weekend was a long weekend (Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving) and I was determined that our family should do something together outside. The only problem was that it was supposed to rain pretty much the entire weekend. And Daniel had been feeling a bit under the weather.

But with a promise that I would do all of the planning, packing, and driving, I convinced him that we should go to the Cherohala Skyway to do a hike (or two).

There were a couple of things I wanted to check out – a short hike to Hooper Bald (last year we visited Huckleberry Knob), a stop at the Indian Boundary Campground, possibly going to the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness to walk among 400+ year old trees, and if we had time, a stop at Bald River Falls.

Daniel pretty much told me I was crazy and we could do one, maybe two of the things on my list...

We agreed that since we had already visited a bald on the Cherohala Skyway (technically two, since we backpacked to Bob Bald years ago), that we should go and see the virgin forest.

As we drove the length of the skyway, the temperature dropped more than twenty degrees at the highest point. The leaves changed from green to yellow to red to barren trees the higher we ventured.

When we neared Hooper Bald, we drove into a cloud with very little visibility. It seemed silly to do the hike, even if it was short, if we couldn't see anything. So we pressed on across the mountains to the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness.

Driving brought back memories – first we passed the Turkey Creek campground. I mentioned that I thought we had camped there before. I later checked my blog and discovered that we had indeed camped there with friends in 2008. As we crossed the mountains, we passed the turn off for Stratton Meadow that lead to Bob Bald. I had a feeling we had been there before too. A look back on my blog confirmed my suspicions of an overnight backpacking trip seven years ago (in 2010).

And then we got to Huckleberry Knob and I remembered hiking there with our boys last year.

As we pressed on I continue to be shocked that Daniel and I biked up the North Carolina side of the Cherohala Skyway to Santeetlah (the highest point) ten years ago (2007). A) I still have a hard time believing that we I did that ride and, B) I'm pretty sure we must have been a little crazy (it was pre-kids after all!).

Anyways, once again we found ourselves exploring this beautiful area of the country.

The Joyce Kilmer Wilderness was named after the poet, Joyce Kilmer, who died during WWI. One of his most famous poems is "Trees."

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast

A tree looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair

Upon whose bosom snow has lain
Who intimately lives with rain
Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree

The Little Santeetlah Forest was original spared the saw due to a series of bankruptcy by different timber companies. It is said that this little cove of giant poplars was left by the loggers because they admired the big timber and couldn't bring themselves to cut the giant trees. Eventually the last owner, Gennet Lumber Company proposed preserving the large trees and the Federal Government was able to purchase the extraordinary tract of land for $28/acre in 1936. And so this last virgin forest of the East was spared the saw.

The trail is a two-mile figure eight that meanders through the woods, next to giant poplars. Currently one of the loops is closed due to fire damage, but we were still able to walk among the giant trees.

I love being in nature and getting to spend time with Daniel, introducing our kids to wonderful sights like the Cherohala Skyway and a virgin forest. I love making new memories as a family and reminiscing about old trips.

After completing our hike, we drove back across the Skyway. I was vetoed by my family in regards to stopping to hike Hooper Bald (no clouds on the way back). They did appease me a let me stop a few times to take photos.

On our last stop Jack and I saw two bald eagles circling high above our heads.

Our final stop was at Indian Boundary. The kids played in the sand on the beach and Jack swam for a bit as the sun set behind the mountain. It was so peaceful – the perfect way to end our afternoon. We can't wait to go back and camp and take our kayaks.

We didn't have time for Bald River Falls, but went on to Tellico Plains for supper. We almost stopped at Hardees because we had no cell service and we didn't know where to eat.

Jack said no to Hardees and we drove back to the historic area and found a diner that was open.

As luck would have it, it was a pickin' hall and Saturday night is when the locals come and play. So we ate a delicious dinner while listening to good music. It was an unexpected way to end a wonderful day. 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Last month Hurricane Irma made its way here, downgrading to a tropical storm as it reached our home. This weekend Hurricane Nate is taking a different trajectory but is currently in the process of making its way here as a tropical depression. It has been raining non-stop since late last night, so it feels to right sip some hot tea and write a blog post about our impromptu cousins weekend last month that was brought on by Hurricane Irma...

Almost exactly a year after Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee and prompted an unplanned cousins weekend for our kids, my sister Angela and her family once again found themselves in the path of the potentially deadly Hurricane Irma.

While Hermine hit Tallahassee as a Category 1 storm, Irma was projected to hit north Florida as a Cat 3. The magnitude of this hurricane and projected path through the entire state caused the largest ever evacuation of the state the week before Irma made landfall.

Angela, a part-time nurse, was not on her hospital's disaster team this year, so she packed her kids up and they made their way to Tennessee, leaving her husband Robert behind (he also works at a hospital and was unable to leave).

It was a strange weekend, waiting for the hurricane to make its way through the state of Florida. Angela was anxious all weekend and constantly on the watch for new updates about the storm.

Like everyone in her situation, she was generally distracted by what might happen to her city, home and husband she had left behind. Throughout the weekend, the radar ominously showed a storm that was bigger than the entire state of Florida.

Thankfully the kids didn't really know what was going on, they were just excited about their unexpected cousin weekends. And we did our best to take everyone's mind off the impending storm! Our brother, Mark, even came over from Nashville to hang out with all of us.

As we know now, the storm lessened and much of Florida was spared the devastation that had threatened. Unfortunately, the following week, Hurricane Maria pummeled an already impacted Caribbean. Many of the islands, including the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, are still suffering a month later.

The storm ended up hitting Tallahassee as a Cat 1 (instead of the predicted Cat 3). Many trees were blown down and power outages were rampant throughout the state. As it turned north toward Tennessee, it was downgraded to a tropical storm.

When it reached east Tennessee, our town actual ended up experiencing wind damage and power outages due to the storm – we even had our boys sleep in our room in case a tree fell on the roof during the night.

Ironically my sister had tried to escape the storm but it still found her in Tennessee!

While Angela and her kids were here, our kids played as much as they could. We took them on a hike to Rainbow Lake, visited the Creative Discovery Museum, got hot chocolate at the Hot Chocolatier in downtown Chattanooga, roasted s'mores, and watched old movies with popcorn as we sat by a roaring fire in our wood stove.

Not a bad way to spend an unexpected long weekend together.

Thankfully my sister's home was spared – a tree did fall in their yard and knocked a section of gutter off their roof, but that was pretty minor compared to damage that others experienced.

We look forward to more cousin's weekends but hopefully no more that are because of the weather!

RiverRocks 2017: Family Fun Day at Greenway Farms

River Rocks is a multi-day event that brings world-class and amateur athletes to Chattanooga each October to compete, celebrate C...